Cooking a roast in a slow cooker is a tried and true favorite. It’s quick, easy to prepare, and you end up with 3-6 delicious meals. If you let it cook overnight you can wake up to the tantalizing smell of a freshly cooked meal; Everything will be ready-to-eat and steaming hot. Slow cooker pot roast is paleo-scrumptious. Not only do you get some great animal protein, but you also get your veggies. My mom always told me to eat my vegetables ;).
To start off you need to choose your meat. Interestingly enough (and great for the college student) is that you want to buy the cheaper cuts of meat. The most commonly recommended cuts include anything from the Chuck category. Chuck is found in the front of the animal. Why go with the cheaper cuts? In a nut-shell, the animal works those muscle groups more with daily activities and thus there is more muscle which in turn means more flavor! No Beef Chuck available? My second choice would be any Round cut. Make sure to go for the grass fed meat as well.
Next, choose your liquid. The first time I cooked a roast I didn’t have any stock handy so I just used water; It still tasted wonderful. If you can, use some beef or chicken stock. Beware that most store bought stocks are not entirely paleo, they usually include some type of sugar. Just make sure to read the ingredients carefully if you’re going for store bought stocks. If you happen to have some homemade beef or chicken stock ready-to-go here is a perfect opportunity to use them!
Finally, choose your add-ons. For tonight’s article I chose sweet potatoes, carrots, garlic, and onions. You can play around here without too much fear of messing anything up. Feel free to add other veggies and spices such as celery, crushed tomatoes, or mushrooms. Spice it up with fresh sprigs of rosemary, some sage, thyme, or a couple bay leaves. Have fun with it brave paleo adventurer! Here’s how I cooked mine tonight.
2lbs Grass Fed Beef Chuck
1 Large Organic Sweet Potato
5 Large Organic Carrots
1 Cup Chicken Stock
4 Cloves Garlic
1/2 Organic Onion
Generous seasoning of Black Pepper and Sea Salt
Slow cooker
Sharp knife
Cutting board
Peeler (optional)


1. Set up your cooking space. I like to get all of my ingredients and spices out, washed, and ready-to-go. That way I can focus on chopping, cleaning as I go, and cooking. I’ve found getting your spices in little bowls helps with safe food handling when it comes to meats/poultry. Instead of getting raw meat on your pepper mill, you get raw meat on the bowl.
2. Chop up your onion and garlic into medium sized pieces. Set them aside.
3. Chop up your sweet potato(es) and carrots into medium sized chunks. Set them aside.
4. Generously season your meat on both sides with whatever spices you chose. Push the spices into both sides of the meat and rub them around. Have fun with it =) — (and wash your hands before/after).

5. Place your meat in an unheated slow cooker right smack-dab in the middle.

6. Add the stock/water to the slow cooker.
7. Place your veggies around the sides of the slow cooker and then the onions and garlic on top of the meat.
8. Cover and cook for approx. six hours on low.
9. Enjoy! You just made a wonderful paleo meal and most likely will have lots of leftovers to freeze/refrigerate for later =).
I just turned my slow cooker on (it’s 9:30pm here) and will be letting it run overnight with this recipe. I can’t wait to wake up…and I love my sleep! Without fail the smell of a fresh pot roast will get me right out of bed in the morning.
Thanks for reading and thanks to Paleo Demystified for asking me to write this article! Breathe deep, seek peace, paleo, and pot roast ;)!
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I am a senior computer science student and paleo-loving food enthusiast. Three months ago I changed my life with a focus on health and love. Eating only wholesome paleo foods and cooking all of my own meals has allowed me to connect deeply with the food that I eat. Combined with a daily yoga practice and cycling I have lost about 70lbs and couldn’t feel better! I can’t wait to learn more. Check out Perry's blog .