Diet and exercise always go hand in hand. Working out everyday won’t make much of a dent in a person’s weight loss plan if their food intake remains the same. The same goes for dieting. No matter how strictly a person follows a particular meal plan, without exercise, the results won’t be as great as it could be. Of course, certain diets blend well with certain workout routines—and in the case of the Paleo diet and CrossFit, it’s a match made in heaven.

When one starts CrossFit training , there is one diet that comes highly recommended by gyms and practitioners of the exercise program. This is called the Paleo diet, which gets its name from the Paleolithic period when cavemen roamed the earth. The idea behind it is to eat just like the cavemen did thousands of years ago. It’s a high-protein, low-carb dietary plan that has been making waves in the fitness world. Since it consists of foods that can be hunted and gathered, this means no grains, no dairy, and no processed foods or sugars.

Why is this diet paired up with CrossFit? Because, if the Paleo diet represents how our caveman ancestors ate, this workout represents how our caveman ancestors exercised. The workout utilizes movements that our ancestors did daily, movements that are still very natural to our bodies. These movements include jumps, lifts, pull ups, and dips just to name a few.

In short, CrossFit is a high-intensity strength and conditioning program that utilizes varied, functional movements to improve many aspects of a person’s health, including respiratory and cardiovascular endurance, agility, speed, balance, and stamina. Below are 5 reasons why these two make such a perfect fitness killer combo.

1. Both Are a Way of Life

Generally speaking, the Paleo diet is not something that you do for six months before quitting. The energy you gain, the weight you lose and the way you feel will keep you wanting more. CrossFit garners the same results. It’s a long-term fitness solution that you won’t want to stop. Mixing diet with exercise is not a quick fix to weight loss issues, though.

It takes a lot of commitment and sacrifice to get this combo right. The combination of the two allows the body to lose weight, build muscle and build up one’s physical strength and overall wellbeing slowly but surely. The high levels of protein a person on the Paleo diet consumes helps in building muscles which is a key component to weight loss. The more muscle mass a person has, the more calories they burn whenever they perform even the simplest physical activities. This was a way of life for our ancestors, and it should be for you too.

2. Both Complement Each Other

The idea behind the nutrition program is to eat just like the cavemen did back in the Paleolithic period. On the other hand, the movements performed by individuals doing CrossFit mimics the movements and physical activities performed by the Paleolithic man as they tried their best to survive the big bad world. Naturally, these two go together. Considering that the cavemen were healthy, lean, strong and agile individuals, it’s no surprise that these fitness tools complement each other really well.

3. Both Are Energy-Based

There’s no abstaining from eating while on the Paleo diet. Instead, it calls for as much fuel as possible by focusing on foods that are considered anti-inflammatory and are easily absorbed by the body. Encouraging the consumption of healthy fats , the Paleo diet increases a person’s energy level and performance during hard training. It also balances one’s hormone and insulin levels, which in turn helps enhance athletic performance naturally.

Going Paleo gives people the energy boost they need in order to go faster, lift heavier weights, and push themselves to their limits without any worries. This means that the body can direct its attention to burning fat stored as fuel during CrossFit’s intense workout sessions. Like the diet’s solely energy-based foods, the workout focuses on functional, energetic movements. CrossFit calls for varied, high intensity movements for short bursts that last anywhere between two and 30 minutes.

4. Both Are Innate

After a short period of adaption, people start to realize that, together, the diet and the workout feel natural. Eventually, CrossFit doesn’t feel like strenuous torture, and Paleo doesn’t feel like a diet. When a person is hungry, it’s difficult to perform even the easiest physical activity. And the last thing someone needs is to count calories and limit their food intake when exercising like a caveman.

When a person feels like he or she isn’t getting enough food, it’s hard to stay motivated and keep energy levels up when performing strenuous exercises. Paleo is the perfect partner for this rigorous and high intensity exercise routine simply because people on this meal plan can eat as much as they want—which is exactly the way our bodies are supposed to work.

5. Both Create a Sense of Community

The two fitness tools are not just passing fads. For many people, it is already considered a lifestyle that they continuously and consciously choose to live on a daily basis. Maintaining this kind of lifestyle can be quite difficult without the support of other people who want to achieve the same thing—a healthier and more energetic body.

People who are committed to doing the training and going under the dietary program become part of a large community of people who care about their overall health and wellbeing. This community is comprised of different types of people from hardcore athletes to people who just want to stay fit and live a healthy and energetic lifestyle. As a community, these individuals help and support each other by sharing what they know and giving each other helpful advice in order to lose weight quickly and improve one’s performance.

As far as nutrition and exercise combinations go, the diet and CrossFit seem to be the only two fitness tools that completely complement each other. Before starting on the training regimen, consider going Paleo as well and vice versa. The combination of these two can lead not only to a slimmer and leaner body, but to a healthier and happier life.

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