Paleo Diet Criticism

Because of its popularity, the Paleo Diet attracts a lot of attention from anthropologists, dieticians and a whirlwind of other critics. From questioning the diet’s basics to criticizing its cost, these opponents bring up 5 arguments that Paleo dieters shouldn’t ignore.

Paleo Diet – Heal...

Does the Paleo Diet really keep you fit, or is it just a fad? This article breaks down the specifics of the Paleo Diet, addresses the questions raised by nutritional skeptics, and concludes that the diet can be an easy way to stay as lean, strong and active as our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

TOP 7 Types of Food Wit...

Did you know that there are certain types of food that actually have a lot of so-called good fats? Some of them are even paleo approved! This article carefully examines seven such foods. You will find out why olive oil should replace a regular oil on your shelf.

TOP 9 Food Items that L...

A high blood pressure can be described as one of the 21st century diseases.
Caused by an overweight and a bad diet can lead to a lot of serious consequences.
Fortunately, there are some types of foods which can help you to lower a high blood pressure.