What is nutrient-dense, packed full of flavor, is the base for all cooking and has been used medicinally for centuries? You guessed it, bone broth!

So, why broth?

Bone broth, or stock, as it is most commonly referred to in the professional kitchen has a very deep history as both a food and medicine. Okay, so what is it exactly? It’s simple: By taking the bones, joints and feet of pasture-raised and healthy animals, throwing them into a pot along with fresh veggies and herbs then simmering them gently for a couple days, all the collagen and nutrients from the ingredients are pulled into the liquid – leaving a nutrient-packed elixir full of proteins, vitamins and minerals that are essential to life. Commercially available stocks, broths or bouillon cubes do not provide any of these healing properties, as they are highly processed and contain undesirable ingredients.

Bones Broth

Here are a couple ways you can benefit from adding bone broth into your diet:

The Gut

Often referred to as our second brain, it is strongly suggested that With over 10 trillion different bacteria in our gut, even just the slightest of unstable conditions can manifest itself in a number of ways, most commonly as leaky gut, autism, A.D.D., A.D.H.D and depression. As Hippocrates once said, “All disease begins in the gut” – something we strongly believe. Bone broth helps heal your gut by supplying the bacteria in your stomach with the building blocks it needs to thrive, and as a bonus, it soothes inflammation . Daily consumption of bone broth helps supply the gut with the very substances it’s made of – amino acids, gelatin, glucosamine, fats, vitamins and minerals. This special nourishment gives your gut lining a chance to regenerate itself, improving your overall health including that of your mind.

The Joints

What better way to supercharge the well-being of your joints, skin and bones than to incorporate a natural collagen extract into your diet. You can maintain healthier and stronger joints, more vibrant looking skin and even increase bone density, something we’ve seen in our customers with osteoporosis. Our bodies have a ton of collagen, the most abundant protein in the body, and in order to keep it healthy as we age it needs to be nourished properly.

Bone broth is loaded with glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) – some of same nutrients found in common bone and joint supplements, including glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. While supplements are great, you will benefit much more by getting your GAGs from real food sources, as they are in a more bioavailable, digestion-ready form, allowing your body to absorb and utilize them more efficiently and effectively.

At Bare Bones Broth Co ., we make it easier to incorporate real bone broth into your healthy lifestyle. We hand make our broth weekly in small batches and ship it out to homes across the country. We use only bones, joints and feet from grass-fed and pastured animals. We use a high ratio of feet and joints to ensure our broths have the highest natural gelatin and nutrient content available.

We believe in food as fuel, and bone broths are some of the most nutrient-rich fuels available to us. If you share this approach and want to learn more, please visit us online or connect with us on social media for all things bone broth and food.

An idea for spring paleo dinner

Sounds simple enough and it really is but as with any food product over time, companies have found shortcuts to make these products using less than desirable ingredients and/or taking shortcuts to increase profits . I believe people are just plain sick and tired of being manipulated by food labels and buzzwords. Eating shouldn’t be so complicated. Food shouldn’t have a shelf life. We shouldn’t have to use Google Translate to decipher the nutrition labels. So what do we do about all of this? We ask questions, lots of questions. Where was this grown? How was it grown? How was it raised? What did it eat? – all important questions when one considers the source of their fuel. And that’s exactly it, food is our fuel.

Food is what allows us to think and laugh, to run with our children and dance at our wedding. Why is then that we spend most of life taking these things for granted. It’s not like breakfast, lunch or dinner are a surprise everyday – they happen every single day roughly around the same time. Food either heals us or makes us sick and it just shouldn’t be so darn complex.

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